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Lab #2

26 > 30 Nov 2020MIRfestival (Athens) - ONLINE
Documentation processes in artistic practices
For its second laboratory, INFRA’s partner MIRfestival decided to draw for the artist an overview of the documentation processes in artistic practices, driven by Tzeni Argyriou, choreographer and dancer which worked on projects that suggested the active engagement of the audience. The artists INFRA supports also met some culural greek actors, such as DETACH or Aktina Stathaki, and had the chance to speak with Panos Christodoulou, ex-director of the Greek Council for Refugee.
Introduction to documentation processes in artistic practices
with Christiana Galanopoulou

Christiana Galanopoulou, gave, as an introduction to this first online workshop, a moment a tranmission of her experience as the art director of MIRfestival, and as an art historian of contemporary arts with a strong knowledge of the Greek cultural ecosystems, focusing on the different approaches and pieces of art based on documentation in artistic creation.

Christiana Galanopoulou is an art historian, independent curator, festival programmer, dramaturge, author of texts on art and publications editor. She is the artistic director of MIRfestival in Athens, a performance/ live media/ image adventures festival, which she founded in 2008 ( In 2000 she founded VideoDance, a festival on movement and the moving image, which she directed until 2007. She has collaborated with numerous Greek and European cultural institutions. Since 2000 she has commissioned work from European and Greek artists, collectives and artistic groups and she has collaborated with numerous artists for the production of new work, much of which was site specific and produced by the festivals she directs. Her involvement in the production of artistic work has taken many forms. She has presented two lecture performances of her own, she works as a dramaturg with Greek choreographers and theatre directors, she has curated innovative visual arts exhibitions in galleries and other cultural spaces and she has worked as an artist mentor.

She studied Archaeology and Art History at the University of Athens (BA), and she holds an MA in Curating and Gallery Studies from Essex University and a DEA (Master 2) in Contemporary Art History from Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne. She made her post-graduate studies thanks to a bursary from the Greek State Bursaries Foundation. She is a PHD researcher in the University of Athens. Her work focuses on the intersection between contemporary audio-visual culture and performance and on contemporary forms of performing arts. She has published many articles on dance, performing arts and audio-visual arts and she has presented original work and lectures in many Symposia about contemporary performing arts and about cultural policies. She is the President of the Advisory Committee for Dance policies in the Greek Ministry of Culture. 

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Workshop on documentation in artistic practices
with Tzeni Argyriou

In Tzeni Argyriou’s workshop, the invited artists first studied the works/projects that draw their origin from documentation processes, and talked about the creative involvement of this material into the dramaturgy and the aesthetics of the project.

Then participants have been led, through the method of documentation, to the composition of a work in progress piece according to their own artistic practice –  a performance, a lecture, a video, a music piece, a photography etc.

Tzeni Argyriou (b. 1977, Kavala, GR) is an independent choreographer and media artist. She is a graduate of the State School of Dance, Athens and a scholar of A.Onassis Foundation (New York). She is a founding member of, a non profit company supporting the creation of multidisciplinary and hybrid art forms. For more than 15 years her deep interest in engaging the performing arts with new technologies and other artistic genres has generated research laboratories, choreographic artworks, multimedia performances and installations as well as in situ performative actions based on the history and the community of specific locations. Her works have been supported, produced and presented by art organizations, institutions and festivals in Greece, Germany, France, Netherlands, Portugal, Bulgaria and USA.
Embracing independence : tools and resources for independent art practitioners
with Aktina Stathaki

In the course of this seminar Aktina Stathaki, researcher, producer and art manager  shared with the artists good practices, experiences and tools around the organisation, support and promotion of independent artists’ work, both in and outside of Greece. We will examine how artists can best communicate their work, overview available funding/exchange opportunities and discuss strategies for adapting our work to the new post-covid realities.

Aktina Stathaki is a graduate of the National Theatre of Greece (Acting), holds a BA in Communications from the National University of Athens and a PhD in drama from the University of Toronto. She has worked as a researcher, producer and manager with: University of Toronto, AfriCan Theatre Ensemble (Toronto), Joyce Theatre, Women’s Project Theatre, New York City Centre, HERE arts centre (NYC), International Theatre Institute (Shanghai), Greek Ministry of Culture (Athens).

She is the founder of «Between the Seas», an organisation based between NYC and Greece dedicated to nurturing and promoting contemporary Mediterranean performing arts and enabling exchanges between the US and the Mediterranean. Since 2019 she is directing «1927 art space» in Athens. She has been awarded the Time Warner Fellowship for her producing work and the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations Fellowship for her intercultural work.

A discussion with the creators of MOVEMENT.RADIO
with DETACH (Voltnoi & Quetempo)

The members of DETACH had the opportunity to share with the artists the different perspectives from which they decided to create MOVEMENT.RADIO, as an inclusive, transgenerational radio platform, federating the people around music, and how they built the different events related to their radio station.


DETACH is a curatorial duo consisting of Voltnoi & Quetempo. They are both founding members of the drog_A_tek collective and they have curated festivals and events such as Enter Afrofuturism, Blockchain: Utopia or U–turn?, The Death of Recorded Music, Movement 1920- 2020, Beyond & Between Borders. They both live and work in their hometown of Athens, Greece.

Voltnoi Brege is a multimedia artist, founding member of the audiovisual groups drog_A_tek and The Erasers, the cultural centre BIOS, and the DETACH art collective. Currently he works as an independent curator.

Makis Kentepozidis known as Quetempo, is a member of drog_A_tek and DETACH working on sound text desire of everyday life critique.

Discussion with the ex-director of the greek council for Refugee
with Panos Christodoulou

Panos Christodoulou is the Executive Director of the Network for Children’s Rights (NCR), a Greek NGO that promotes the rights of the children and provides services to children in need. He is also an asylum, migration and human rights specialist with more than 15 years of professional experience in different fields in the area of asylum and migration. Christodoulou was the CEO of Greek Council for Refugees and has an extensive track record in conducting evaluations and researches for EU Institutions and INGOs.