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Lab #7

22 > 26 Nov 2021Voo?uit (Gent)
Education as participation
For its last laboratory, INFRA’s partner the Voo?uit in Gent decided to collaborate with collectives that operate on welcoming immigrant artists in Ghent. They put the accent on education, as this activity brings artists closer to locals and creates common ground. School of Love, one of the collectives, worked with the artists from INFRA programme in order to create a “constellation” a network that will prolonge their connection after the end of the project, while Open Design Course chose to propose hands-on ateliers on how to navigate in the complicated funding possibilities of the art world in the EU and on how to respond to this kind of open calls. The participants deepen their understanding of how to tell their professional story and about how to adapt one’s speech to specific audiences
Navigate the E.U. Art System
by School of Love

School Of Love (SOL) is a platform for collective practices. An invitation to explore ways of being together, deriving from reflections on the notion of love as a public concern. Understood as such and taught in schools, love becomes not only a form of resistance to individualist tendencies, but also a way of being.SOL is practiced through regular meetings, events, workshops and performances in schools and in the fields of art and social engagement. SOL contributes to the perception that school should be seen as more than just a breeding place that prepares the inexperienced to an existing reality outside of it. Seen as a place for experiment, reflection and collectivity, school bears the potential to change society. When learning is commonly understood as a process to adapt to the known, SOL insists that it is rather a way to engage with the unknown.
During Voo?uit’s Laboratory, the team of School of Love gave a full week of exercices and practices in order to ease the creation of a profile for the artists, either it’s a digital one, based on a social media strategy, or a simple one based on a portfolio.

Performance Cycle
by Voo?uit



@Vooruit 25/11/2021 8 p.m.

Where does our Western obsession with theperfect body come from? For ‘L’Homme Rare’ choreographer Nadia Beugré draws inspiration from sensual South American dances like the passinho and carioca funk. These are most often danced by women. Instead, Beugré has a completely male cast perform them on high heels. She seeks to discover what exactly it is that defines a male body and male movements. At the same time the Ivorian holds up a mirror to our European perspective of black torsos and the Western obsession with the perfect body. Following ‘Legacy’, Voo?uit resident Nadia Beugré is back with a new production. In her productions Beugré has a penchant for playing with gender and the genres of dance. In ‘L’Homme Rare’, shepresents five virtuoso dancers who perform both individually and as a group. Here the pelvis acts as their physical centre of gravity



@Vooruit 26/11/2021 8 p.m.

In ‘SPARE TIME WORK’ Buren musically approaches thoughts and ideas on (reproductive) labour and leisure. In what way is our ‘day and age’ telling us what to be, where to stand and what to do? Who is carrying the dogma, codes, laws and what systems are at work? buren – last seen at Voo?uit in 2019 during ‘Elaboratory’ – explores class and growth with the help of characters like Adult Hood and Young, Cleaner, Grown Woman and Office Worker. Drenched in different colour spheresthey investigate a variety of power relations,  economical desires and social realities. All while being surrounded by the inner and outer voices of (personal) histories and radio, internet and television.