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Lab #6

18 > 28 Sep 2021(ksa:k) Center for Contemporary Arts (Chisinau)
Video art and documentary production workshop
For its 6th laboratory, the [ksa:k] decided to propose a production level for the artists. Indeed so far the activities were really reflective and based on thinking together and learning from each other on a more theoretical way, when in Chisinau, INFRA's supported artists directed, shot, and edited a short film of their own, with the help of the wonderful volunteers from KSA:K and from professionals from the audiovisual field such as Vadim Hincu or Hannah Schwegel. Lead by Pavel Braila, performer and video artist and Ana-Felicia Scutelnicu, this workshop has been part of a CarbonArt, Camps of creation organized by the KSA:K Chisinau where emerging artists from Moldova are given the opportunity to develop their skills and build together a stronger artistic community with international artists.
introduction to Film and Video Art
by Lilia Dragneva

As an introduction Lilia Dragneva gave a course on video art and documentary practices as the head of the [ksa:k] Contemporary Arts Center of Chisinau, which is working on developping contemporary practices in Moldova.

Lilia Dragneva started her artistic activity from an involvement into sound-and-image experimentation. This was a result of her interest in the cross-pollination of various sources of the 20th century art (avant-garde music, Dada manifestations, electronic technologies), which resulted in a series of installations, video pieces and performances. Since 2000, she is working aside from her teaching activities at the School of Arts of Chisinau as artistic director for the [ksa:k]

Video art and documentary workshop ``reVedere``
With Ana-Felicia Scutelnicu & Pavel Braila

International Film and Video Art Workshop ReVEDERE has been organized within the frame of INFRA – Inclusive Network for Refugee Artists, and as part of CarbonArt’11 Camp of Creation. This laboratory aimed to foster the emergence of a community of emerging artists, local players of various fields of activity and involved people capable to work together on relational projects, transdisciplinary coproduction’s that create social links, initiate new approaches to economy and new forms of commitment into social life. During ten days all of the artists were invited, after a tour in Chisinau’s art instutions, to create a short film of their own with the assistance of local shooting teams. The project had created an opportunity for cross-cultural exchange and cooperation between the Moldovan art instituions and the artists INFRA follows, along with emerging artists from KSA:K’s network . 


Ana-Felicia Scutelnicu was born in 1978 in Moldova, in the former Soviet Union and grew up there. After four years in Benin, West Africa where she worked in theatre, she moved to Berlin and studied directing at the German Film and Television Academy Berlin (dffb). Her short films »Intre Ziduri«(Between Walls, 2007) and »Hinterhof«(Backyard, 2010) screened at numerous festivals and won several awards. She shot an episode of the TV documentary 24h Berlin (2009). For her medium-length film »Panihida« (2012) she won the Robert Bosch Co-Production Prize for coproductions between Germany and Eastern Europe and the CinemaXXI Prize at the Rome International Film Festival.

Pavel Braila is a performer and a video artist. He graduated from the Technical University of Moldova; the State University of Moldova, the Jan van Eyck Academie in Maastricht, and Le Fresnoy Studio national des Arts Contemporains. Since the mid-1990s the artist has participated in numerous international art exhibitions and film festivals with films, videos, installations, photos, and performances.  In 2002 his film “Shoes for Europe” was shown at the documenta11 for which he has gained exposure and international acclaim throughout Europe and USA. In 2004 Braila initiated in Moldova the unique project “Alte Arte” – a TV Magazine on Contemporary Art, that was produced by artists and broadcasted on Moldovan national TV.


Hannah SCHWEGEL is a German editor. She is the head of the Department of Editing & Sound at the German Film and Television School Berlin (dffb). Weydemann Bros. and Hannah Schwegel have worked together on Ana-Felicia Scutelnicu’ last feature “Anishoara” (San Sebastian Film Festival, Munich Film Festival etc.), as well as Sabrina Sarabi’s debut feature “Prélude” (Torino Film Festival), Carlos Moreli’s feature “Many Happy Returns” (Shanghai Film Festival) and Henrika Kull’s feature “GLÜCK” (Berlinale Panorama Wettbewerb).
Ecaterina IASCHEVICI is a Moldavian editor. She graduated from the Moldavian State University. She is working in several Production Companies in Moldova and was involved in all the production and post-production processes at making documentary films, feature film, commercials, promo’s, social advertisements, music clips, testimonial videos, big concerts, TV Shows and other video productions. Ecaterina as editor has worked at the Moldox International Film Festival 2020/2021 and at the Queer Voices Internatonal Film Festival 2020.

Vladislav HINCU is a cameraman from Chisinau. He graduated from the Photography Department, National University of Theatre and Cinematography in Bucharest. Lives and works between Moscow and Chisinau. Collaborated with several Russian and Romanian Film and TV Studios (ChBKfilm, Open Systems publishing house, etc.) and the Center for Contemporary Art KSA:K, Chisinau. He took part, as cameraman and photographer in significant workshops and exhibitions in France, Germany and Romania. Vladislav participated on Pavel Braila’s and on Ana-Felicia Scutelnicu’ features.

Getting to know better Chisinau's art insitutions
by KSA:K

Moldova’s capital is a very typical cultural field, where folk arts and contemporary practices are not really mixing with each other. Our partner from the KSA:K was willing to give the artists a full overview of this particular cultural landscape, and therefore invited them to visit several museums, exhibitions, venues and studios of contemporary creators.