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INFRA’s actions have been developped in the form of Laboratories, that were designed by all partners as moments of exchange of knowledge between the participants of INFRA and local cultural actors, artists, producers from the field of contemporary and performing arts. 

Each partners proposed to two artists with a history related to exile to follow a selection of workshops aiming at developping their knowledge of the european cultural field. They were invited to visit exhibitions, to see shows from the four corner of creation, as each partner tryed to show an overview of their local art scene. They met actors from the art field, such as art directors, curators, philosophers, and and senior artists during these seven laboratories for over two years.

At each laboratory, a group of artists from the emerging local art scenes were invited to also take part in the activities of the workshop, in order to create not only a connection with the institutional level of the art system, but also with a local web of artists, creators, musicians and performers from each of the partner’s city.