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Infra project

Two years of artistic and professionnal experiments about the promotion and support of artists from exiled backgrounds

supporting and promoting exiled artists

INFRA · Inclusive Network for Refugee Artists is a network which aims to favour the social and professional integration of artists in exile, financed by the European Commission in the framework of Creative Europe.

Led by six cultural organisations, it follows these artists in the creation of professional links with the european cultural sector

This project is the reunion of four principal partners: Latitudes Contemporaines (Lille France) / Teatro di Roma (Rome, Italy) / Voo?uit (Gent, Belgium) / KSA:K (Chisinau, Moldova) and two more associated partners: École Nationale Supérieure des Arts visuels de la Cambre (Bruxelles, Belgium) and MIRfestival (Athens, Greece).

INFRA is the federation of these six organizations facing the same analysis : contemporary societies are facing an economic, financial and democratic crisis which fragilize human liberties of expression and creation.

Considering that social cohesion cannot exist without culture, art and democracy being imbricated together, INFRA is focusing on the subject of artists who have been in exile in Europe. Whitenesses and actors of this cultural space, INFRA partners wish to ease the understanding of this new environment for refugee artists. 


By favouring their access to the labour market and their professionnalisation, INFRA is trying to give a sustainable answer for their integration. Their presence in Europe is an opening to new cultural, social and economic perspectives for the entire E.U.. By allowing them to create freely, INFRA attends to favour the emergence of a diverse and inclusive European consciousness for european cultural fields.

Our Actions

Each cultural partner of INFRA project has been or will be organizing at least one moment of workshop for the supported artists and for emerging artists from the local art scenes. These times of meeting learning and sharing have been designed as strong peer-to-peer moments, where the artists have as much to learn from the speakers as from each other. We call them Laboratories.

Exchanges with Lynda Rahal, INFRA's fourth Laboratory's leading artist.
INFRA's suported artist were meeting for the first time in Brussels for the first Laboratory, organized by La Cambre
INFRA's artists at their finest under the warm sun of North France, for our fourth Laboratory !

Our Actions

The supported artists, with the complicity of INFRA partners, had the opportunity to work on a personal project they were willing to develop. They were given different stages of help, host, and production assistance for their idea to take life in professional frames such as Latitudes Contemporaines Festival or Teatro India. 

Yannos Majestikos in Latitudes Contemporaines Festival
Liryc De La Cruz at Teatro Argentina
Video Art and documentary production residency in KSA:K