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Shoaib Zaheer

Birthdate : 25/08/1989 Languages : English, Dutch, Dari Pashto From : Afghanistan Lives in : Gent, Belgium Skills : Multidisciplinary
Shoaib Zaheer was born in 1989 in Koz Behar, in the est of Afghanistan, and entered Belgium in 2017. He is a self-taught artist able to work with different art media (water color, oil color, pencil, charcoal, calligraphy, miniature, wood Mosaic) in addition with an interest in computer graphic designing, animation, illustration, 3D model, video editing. He likes to explore the world of computer code like HTML, CSS, Javascript. He defines his art like an exploration and affirmation into the emotion of subjects and ideas by an amalgam of colors, forms and textures, to find those sentiments in our surroundings. Ever since he was a child, he has been fascinated by childish immersed thoughts. He is currently one of Open design course organizing team at KASK School of Arts.