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Ramin Mazur

Birthdate : 27/07/1987 Languages : Russian, Romanian, English From : Transnistria Lives in : Chisinau, Moldova Skills : Photojournalism - photographic research
Ramin Mazur was born on the left bank of r.Dniester in the Moldavian Soviet Republic, which became an unrecognized state of Transnistria after 1991. He Graduated from the Journalism Department of Moldavian State University in Chisinau and began to work with different print outlets in his country as a photo reporter. The lack of understanding and appreciation for photojournalism in local media led him to start working on independent projects and series on an international scale. After attending the “Human Rights and Photography Magnum Foundation Scholarship” he focused mostly on independent storytelling, based on observation of his own and nearby countries' realities in their transition time.
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